Monolyx: Tire Protection Shield

Monolyx: Tire Protection Shield

Tire industry delivers revolutionary products throughout its history, nevertheless a perfect tire has not yet been built. Therefore, it is always a challenge to advance the industry that triggers innovation. Beyond many different deliverables of tire; effectively contributing to mobility of the vehicle is the core function.

Monolyx® is the cord structure of twisted monofilament yarns that are designed for improved mobility. Conventional protection methods are of course well known materials that are available in the industry such as steel or aramid cord. These may be applied as a belt/breaker layer or sidewall insert; creating an additional concern for either weight or cost. As being the solution partner to the tire industry, Monolyx® has been innovated as a result of Kordsa Global’s continuous technology development programs and as a result of dedication to the industry. Monofilament type of NY66 yarn has superior cut resistance compared to multifilament yarns like aramid or nylon. This unique property of Monolyx® enables choices for tire designer to improve the cut resistance of tires. Modulus is the other parameter that NY66 based Monolyx® has advanced properties compared to equivalent dtex level of conventional multiply NY66 cords. Having the monofilament characteristics, each filament has increase lateral stiffness in Monolyx®.

Higher lateral stiffness leads to better force distrubution and so protection, on reinforcement layers. Due to the nature of Nylon66, Monolyx® it has advanced energy absorption compared to steel and aramid which enables impact resistance. Of course, in being a polymeric material, Monolyx® does not have “corrosion” problems. Monolyx® acts as a protection layer for consequtive steel layers. Monofilament structure prohibits early loss of total breaking strength due to filament breakages at the cord interface since they are stronger than tiny multifilaments.

Monolyx® holds superior properties such as cut resistance, impact absorbtion and lateral stiffness that are positioning Monolyx® as an alternative protective reinforcement material without corrosion problems. To date, outdoor test results on various tire segmens (Truck Radials, Passenger Radials, and OTR) proved to all to be above mentioned properties.

Brief Highlights:

TBR 4th Belt Layer, replaced by Monolyx®; obvious improvement of cuts via through tread, minimized belt separation.  Total protection for steel belts and carcass, improved tire initial life and the ability for retreading.

Passenger Radials, application as cap ply reinforcement leads to improved performance compared to multiply NY66 cords thanks to higher modulus. Superior cut resistance under severe road conditions will improve A/T performance.

Off the Road tires require ultimate protection for cuts and damages. Either breaker/belt or sidewall insert application of Monolyx® increases efficiency of vehicles by avoiding down time.

Farm rear tires, aircraft tires are the next category positive test results are being expected for in the near future.

Overall, Monolyx® is the innovative protective shield for tires that enhances endurance and durability under severe conditions. Within these delivered values, it is applicable to all tire segments where protection is cruial.

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