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Kordsa Continues to Win Awards Worldwide

Kordsa Continues to Win Awards Worldwide

The leading firm in tire and construction reinforcement and composite technologies was among the 100 fastest-growing companies in Indonesia this year. It has been selected as "Best Employer" for two years in a row in Brazil. Kordsa was recently awarded the "Best Practices in Internship Programs” in Brazil, as well as the "Indonesia Most Powerful Companies (IMPCA) 2017" award. The selection was conducted by identifying the financial performance of companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange grouped by industrial subcategory by the Economic Research Team. Using financial indicators, the research team then produced a list of candidate companies that added value to the economy. Kordsa is also among the 150 Best Employers announced in the Você S.A. guide in Brazil. Kordsa got a special type of recognition known as “newcomer of the year” because among those companies which had applied for first time, it had the highest score of 80.5 in the IFT, an index measuring happiness at work. Kordsa Brazil was recognized by Instituto Euvaldo Lodi as the best mid-size company in its internship practices in the industrial sector. Kordsa was honored with this award due to its internship initiatives, the opportunities provided to interns and its egalitarian approach towards its employees and interns. The award evaluates the intern development process, looking at criteria such as training, mentoring, initiatives and contributions to suggestions and continuous improvement, taking advantage of school and industry contributions, management practices and, in particular, the development and commitment of the company to the internship program and interns.

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About Kordsa

Established in 1973 as a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding, Kordsa is the leading manufacturer of industrial nylon and polyester yarn, tire cord fabric and single end cord. The success story started in İzmit-Turkey in 1973 with Sabancı Holding’s tire cord manufacturing plant investment.

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