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Kordsa Leaders Once Again Reinforce the Future

Kordsa Leaders Once Again Reinforce the Future

Every year, Kordsa holds a Global Leadership Summit (GLS) where it takes leaders from its production facilities all over the world. Once again, this year’s leaders did their bit to reinforce the future. Kordsa’s reinforcers this year renovated a school in İzmit, renewing the pre-school and elementary school heating systems and whitewashing the school’s walls. The project completely renovated every room in the school, from the library to the playground, and from the math classrooms to the visual arts room.

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About Kordsa

Established in 1973 as a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding, Kordsa is the leading manufacturer of industrial nylon and polyester yarn, tire cord fabric and single end cord. The success story started in İzmit-Turkey in 1973 with Sabancı Holding’s tire cord manufacturing plant investment.

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