Kordsa develops reinforcement technologies for the tires of vehicles from different segments, such as automobiles, airplanes, and agricultural/industrial vehicles.

Today, Kordsa reinforces 1 out of every 3 automobile tires, and 2 out of every 3 airplane tires in the world.

With its mission to reinforce life, Kordsa undertakes the task to leave a better and more sustainable future for generations to come. The company aims at reducing its carbon footprint by adopting new generation tire reinforcement technologies, and develops environmentally friendly products, decreasing fuel consumption thanks to lower resistance, and better road grip. Kordsa continues its innovation and R&D efforts in tire reinforcement technologies, in order to provide more sustainable transportation solutions. The ultimate goal underlying all these efforts is to achieve an easy, safe, and efficient daily life, so as to create a sustainable world for future generations.

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We reinforce life with our social responsibility projects

Kordsa renovates another school in an effort to reinforce the future

Kordsa, committedly continues to carry out corporate social responsibility projects in line with its “We Reinforce Life” vision. In this regard, Kordsa once more made a contribution to reinforce the future of the children in İzmit, the town in which Kordsa’s story started 45 years ago. 250 volunteers from Kordsa sites around the world renovated a primary and secondary school in İzmit, Kocaeli.

Kordsa Came Together with Little Reinforcers

Kordsa visited the school in the Bahia region within the scope of the Excellence Visit made to the factory in Brazil. Organizing a variety of games and activities with the little students of the school it supported within the scope of social responsibility project at the end of the day, Kordsa will continue to reinforce the future with its social responsibility projects.