Kordsa Listed in BIST Sustainability Index for 2016-2017

Kordsa Listed in BIST Sustainability Index for 2016-2017

Kordsa has gained a place in the BIST Sustainability Index. The Index lists 43 companies traded at Borsa İstanbul that boast high level corporate sustainability performances. 

Borsa İstanbul has completed the process to determine which companies can be listed in the BIST Sustainability Index for the period 2016-2017. As a result of the evaluation, it has been confirmed that Kordsa will be listed in the BIST Sustainability Index for this period. 

Kordsa’s transparency, its corporate web site and the scope of its annual activity report were the key factors that resulted in it being included in the Index. 

Corporate sustainability means creating long-term value for companies by ensuring that company activities and decision-making mechanisms take account of economic, environmental and social factors. This is achieved through corporate management principals and the management of risks that may arise from these factors. The BIST Sustainability Index aims to foster the awareness, knowledge and implementation of sustainability in Turkey, especially among Borsa İstanbul companies. By enhancing the prestige and familiarity of member companies in the eyes of investors, the Index helps companies to increase their competitiveness both nationwide and internationally.


About Kordsa

A global player in the tire and construction reinforcement as well as composite technologies markets, Kordsa operates in 5 countries, namely, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and the US with its 11 production facilities and a 4,500 reinforcer. Kordsa aims to create sustainable value by offering high value-added innovative reinforcement solutions for its customers, employees, stakeholders and communities with a mission to “Reinforce Life.”


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