A Customer-Tailored Value Chain

A Customer-Tailored Value Chain

In the ancient fable about the tortoise and the hare, the speedy and overconfident rabbit fell asleep on the job, while the "slow and steady" turtle won the race. That may have been true in ancient times, but in today's demanding business environment, "slow and steady" won't get us out of the starting gate, let alone win any races. Therefore, Agility, Adaptability and Alignment —AAA— are our main capabilities as a world-class value chain.

Uncertainty and risk are inherent in every supply chain, therefore we design and manage our supply chain with the aim of eliminating as much uncertainty and risk as possible as well as dealing e‑ectively with the uncertainty and risk that remains.

Supply Chain Management is an important component in fulfilling our customers’ needs and providing value. There is no real customer value without a close relationship with our customers and we are improving our value proposition to customers by continuously improving our supply chain outcomes.

A supply chain is a dynamic system that evolves over time. Customer demand characteristics change over time, and supplier capabilities change over time.

We handle incoming customer orders in the best possible manner, allocating inventory and production to individual orders. Our supply chain process simultaneously manages the procurement cycle, manufacturing cycle, replenishment cycle and customer order cycle.

Our main proposition is being closer to our customers, understanding them, and fulfilling their needs on time and in full.

Nowadays, the growth of technologies such as IoT, Big Data, etc., enable us to maintain a greater level of collaboration between our supply chain trading partners.

Our supply chain capabilities are;

Responding to wide ranges of quantity demand in all regions

Meeting short lead times

Handling a large variety of products

Building highly innovative products

Achieving a high service level

Handling supply uncertainty

Our priorities in terms of supplier management are creating an ecosystem with highly competent suppliers, and establishing and sustaining long term strategical alliances with them with the help of new technologies.

The main supply chain approach we adopt is understanding the demand clearly, fulfilling the demand proactively using an integrated information system

Digitalization helps us to achieve more e‑ective, more transparent and more agile supply chain management. Among our tools which enhance value creation are the Supply Chain Optimization model, forecasting with leading and lagging indicators, e-procurement, a style-based inventory and integrated procurement platforms.

To face tomorrow’s business climate,

we will be focusing on;

  • Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability
  • Postponement
  • The Long Tail



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