Hybrid Cord Solutions: Lighter Cords, Faster Tires

Hybrid Cord Solutions: Lighter Cords, Faster Tires


Engine downsizing of the passenger car segment is the driving force of the automotive industry as a response to emission regulations and fuel efficiency. We observe many engine sizes as 0.9l, 1.0l, 1.2l, 1.4l and 1.6l. These engines have capability to produce 90hp to 180hp. Besides, crossovers and SUV segment is becoming more popular since people are buying “customized” cars for day to day usage and to use as a family.

Since the high speed capability of cars in known segments such as luxury sport cars increase, it is obvious that the primary idea is to obtain an ultimate customized driving experience with optimized consumption. While engines are becoming smaller, the cars are getting faster. Strict regulations pushes all tiers to deliver more efficient components to the OE manufacturer than ever. As a consequence, tires should contribute to the driving efficiency while serving performance on demand.


Hybrid Cord Solutions: Lighter Cords, Faster Tires It is a fact that V, W, Y, Z rated UHP tire demand will boom according to above mentioned trends. UHP tires were the nich segment and the most profitable segment compared to slow speed tires. Comparing to the market place today and looking back 5 years back we see that all tire makers have a huge desire to increase their market share in this enlarging segment.

UHP tires are the A segment of tires that should deliver performance and safety at the highest level.

Tire specification is strictly limited if this is an OE tire. At high speeds the steel belts will expand due to circumferential forces. Stabilization of steelbelts is vitally important in UHP tires considering that characteristic speeds of 200 km/h will be exceeded on highway drives, where it is allowed. Speed is not the only parameter that should be considered; of course load carrying capacity is the other key factor effecting tire integrity.

Twixtra®, hybrid cord reinforcement solutions of Kordsa, creates many alternatives to UHP tires to enhance performance and minimize raw material consumption. Twixtra® product portfolio has high modulus and low gauge reinforcement offerings that boost the performance while minimizing some concerns during tire design and material selection. Higher capability to stabilize belt layers with less compound leads to lower rolling resistance tires with UHP characteristics.

Combination of aramide and Nylon 6.6 yarns at elevated dtex’s range offers an unlimited design matrix for high performance cap ply application. Kordsa Global has the core competency on cord design, fabric/SEC processing with unique technology. Twixtra® team serves the industry with broad tire segment application knowledge. Since as being Kordsa Global we have a global understanding of the needs of our customers.


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