The Rise of Digital Transformation

The Rise of Digital Transformation

Covid-19 has rapidly affected day to day life and businesses. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. It has elegantly forced the world indoors and has dramatically changed the everyday behavior of consumers with many people switching irreversibly to online. Technology has proved a useful and necessary tool to help ensure the course of life.

It also abruptly forced schools and education indeed to engage in a digital transformation. Although digital technology has been thoroughly embedded with how the new generation live and learn, for the first time in their lives they went online for education and used personal devices, such as smartphones and if available, their home computer or laptops, to connect with their teachers. Even we had to learn and use applications that we had not even been aware of, while grandmothers and grandfathers did their best to adjust to this new way of socializing and connecting.

Smartphones, after the pandemic, have become indispensable for us, facilitating our lives in diverse areas from shopping to accessing bank services.

As Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella put it, “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.”

While digital technology is integrated into all areas of daily life, it also fundamentally changed how companies operate and deliver value to customers.

Companies, lacking the technological infrastructure to survive in such a period, had to upgrade themselves with substantial technological investments. On the other hand, companies like Kordsa, the global player of tire, construction reinforcement and composites technologies market, who has always been a pioneer to adopt digital technologies as part of its overall business strategy, took this opportunity to thrive.

With its smart production systems, Kordsa aims to accelerate production and innovation processes with a specific focus to digital transformation including intelligent robotic applications, big data management, cloud applications, IoT systems, mobile and virtual reality applications, simulation systems and cyber security. Changes in technology enable Kordsa to find new solutions pushing beyond the limits.


In an era where people can access information from anywhere anytime, and where big data analytics can deliver valuable information to the companies, Kordsa puts Digital Transformation including robotic process automation, cyber security and advanced data analytics at the heart of its future strategies.

Big data platform, which accumulates all the data during production in one single data pool, and provides end-to-end traceability, constitutes an important part of Kordsa’s further digital transformation efforts in this period. By this means, Kordsa will be able to accelerate analytical studies and take data-based actions.

On the other hand, Kordsa’s digitalization of Planning and Supply chain systems will transform its planning into a flexible, continuous process with a connected, smart, and highly efficient supply chain ecosystem.

Kordsa’s Robotic Process Automation, implemented in the past 6 months, already did and will continue to increase efficiency in 30 processes in Finance, Human Resources, and Quality and Production operations.

Last but not the least, with its advanced sensor systems and projects using image processing technologies, Kordsa aims zero defect manufacturing.

As the new digital age has opened doors for new opportunities, Kordsa continues its digital transformation journey and aims to pioneer the industry with its reinforcing vision.

Fatih Akar
Global IT Manager @Kordsa

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