strength of the Two The Composite Component Bus Project

strength of the Two The Composite Component Bus Project

Global and İzmit SHE and Sustainability Manager

As a continuation of our 2014 Sustainability Report, our 2015 report is being prepared in line with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Guidelines and in compliance with the GRI G4 Core level, with the help of a multidisciplinary team

As awareness of and the need for sustainable growth increases year on year, Kordsa would like to face this challenge with a positive attitude, as written in our Golden SHE Rules: “We believe that all occupational and environmental accidents can be prevented. Our target is to create a 100% accident-free and safe work environment and to produce 0% waste.”

Three of our major sustainability directives, are from BORSA Istanbul, the BIST Sustainability Index and CDP , these three directives are consolidated and analyzed by the Global Sustainability Department: Economic Initiatives, Social Initiatives and Environmental Initiatives.

We will implement major changes through a sustainability strategy questionnaire, based on GRI Strategic Sustainability Index, conducted with the participation of the Kordsa Global Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and the Sustainability Task Force. New commitments regarding climate change, biodiversity and supply-chain management have been added to our sustainability goals. As we continue to increase the number of sites participating in the report, over the coming years environmental data on waste, energy and GHG calculation from all Kordsa Global sites will be included in the report.

Sites will, step by step, obtain Environmental Management System standards (ISO 14001:2015), and we will achieve the sustainability goals aligned with our business model.

Promises are there to be kept, and so we fulfill our promise by achieving our 2014 sustainability targets and commitments.

Economic Initiatives

  • In June 2016 we opened our Composite Technologies Center, in accordance with the sustainability plan.
  • We have increased the amount of paper waste, nylon waste and wooden pallets recycled in 2015 compared to 2014.
  • Social Initiatives
  • We have increased the number of employee training hours following the establishment of our Global Mentoring Program and through the use of the KEEP Online Training Platform.
  • We continue to maintain our performance of ZERO cases of discrimination at all locations.
  • We have continued to adopt and implement the principles of the Equality at Work Declaration.
  • Machinery safety has been completed for Kordsa Turkey, while other sites continue to install the mechanical guarding step which is a barrier to protect worker from direct contact to hazardous machinery movement.
  • 2015 saw the establishment of a Kordsa Safety Training Center based on TPM principles in Indo Kordsa, while a similar center was also established in Turkey in June 2016
  • The Kordsa Chattanooga plant has achieved their second safety target with 800,000 injury-free working hours, while Thai Indo Kordsa hit the first target with 1,000,000 injury-free working hours.
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Kordsa Turkey water consumption has been reduced to 35,680m3 per year, thanks to improvements in the reverse osmosis project.
  • We have ensured that all our emission rates are below the threshold limit allowed by the relevant national regulations.
  • We have begun to calculate our CO2 calculation for Kordsa Turkey, and plan to start 2015 calculations for Thailand Indo Kordsa and Indo Kordsa plants, followed by 2016 calculations for other sites.

Allow me to share with you a definition of sustainable growth from Brutland (1987): “… development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’’ These are unselfish, noble and ideal goals for a company, as it means we are fulfilling our duty to play a positive role, and to ensure the preservation of natural resources for future generations.


About Kordsa

A global player in the tire and construction reinforcement as well as composite technologies markets, Kordsa operates in 5 countries, namely, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and the US with its 11 production facilities and a 4,500 reinforcer. Kordsa aims to create sustainable value by offering high value-added innovative reinforcement solutions for its customers, employees, stakeholders and communities with a mission to “Reinforce Life.”

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