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Kordsa Brings Composite Technologies and Young People Together

Kordsa Brings Composite Technologies and Young People Together

Reinforcement technologies professional Kordsa are supporting projects at Yıldız Technical University and Trakya University in an e‑ort to introduce young people to composite technologies. In order to engage youth in composite technologies and to encourage them to be involved in technology, innovation, R&D and engineering, Sabancı Holding affiliate Kordsa introduced university projects powered by the company to the students of Kocaeli University.

Kordsa supported these university projects by sponsoring the carbon material for the cars being built. These vehicles, reinforced with composite technologies, were displayed at Kocaeli University Teknopark for an entire month. The Trakya University Design Project Team’s Pehlivan-02 and Pehlivan ElekTrak, powered by Kordsa Platinum sponsorship, were two prize-winning cars in several di‑erent competitions. The Pehlivan Elektrak’s body is fully made of carbon fiber; thus, it is enabled to remain light-weight yet strong.

The environmentally-friendly car recharges itself in 45 minutes and can run for 100km on only 0.75 TL (around $0.21) worth of electricity. The Pehlivan Team, setting out from Edirne, toured around the Balkans last year. The YTU Racing Team, which was established as a part of the Machine Technologies Club in order to participate in the Formula Student Competition, designed and built a single-seat, open-wheel racing car with Kordsa sponsorship. The team successfully participated and got a good ranking in Formula Student England (Silverstone) and Formula Student Germany (Hockenheim). Reinforcement technologies leader Kordsa, with its open innovation mind-set, works together with young people in an e‑ort to encourage academic and industry collaboration. Kordsa also strives to engage young people in entrepreneurship by supporting them in the R&D and production phases.

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About Kordsa

Established in 1973 as a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding, Kordsa is the leading manufacturer of industrial nylon and polyester yarn, tire cord fabric and single end cord. The success story started in İzmit-Turkey in 1973 with Sabancı Holding’s tire cord manufacturing plant investment.

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