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Kordsa Sponsored the 26th Quality Congress for “Leadership in Transformation

Kordsa Sponsored the 26th Quality Congress for “Leadership in Transformation

Kordsa, which has pioneered change and transformation through its open innovation approach, sponsored the 26th Quality Congress of the Turkish Quality Association (KalDer). The main theme of the congress, held in Istanbul on Nov. 21–22, was "Leadership in Transformation", enabling companies to survive in the marketplace, protect and improve their market position in an age of transformation.

During the two-day congress, opening speeches were made by the Chairman of KalDer’s Board of Directors Buket Eminoğlu Pilavcı and the Chairman of TÜSİAD Erol Bilecik, and many inspiring panels were organized in an effort to guide and motivate the companies participating in the congress.

KalDer, which has Kordsa CEO Ali Çalışkan as one of its board members, organizes the Quality Congress every year in order to shed light on the future of industry through speeches made by experts. Throughout the congress, this year's "Corporate Excellence and Management Systems Exhibition" was also opened to attendees.

At the congress, which lasted two days with the participation of over 2,000 attendees, estimable speakers and panelists took part in panels and special sessions with the topics "From Futurism to Reality: Transformed and Transformational Technology", "Valued Humanitarian Attitudes", "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Risks", "Worker Safety as the Main Factor in Sustainability", "Wellness in Business Life: Spiritual Ergonomics and Happiness", The Future of Business", "The Transforming Face of Europe - Transformations and Effects" and "Quality as a Lifestyle".

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