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Trakya University – Pehlivan Team

Trakya University – Pehlivan Team

The Pehlivan Team was formed by students at Trakya University who continue their innovative studies under Kordsa platinum sponsorship.

The team produced two di‑erent cars: Pehlivan-02 and Pehlivan Elektrak. The first car produced by the team, the Pehlivan-02, is a solar-powered car that it earned the team third place in the Formula-G category of the Alternative Energy Vehicles Race, organized by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

The second car produced by the Pehlivan Team is Pehlivan Elektrak. The Elektrak’s most important characteristics are its unique design, domestic production, and performance. 85% of the car is designed and produced by the team members themselves.

The Pehlivan Elektrak’s body is fully made from carbon fiber and is reinforced with a high-strength aluminum chassis. The car has a 3kWh battery pack developed by the team, which recharges itself in 45 minutes. When fully charged, Elektrak can run for 100km. The main reason for this outstanding performance is the car’s aerodynamic design and minimal weight, thanks to use of carbon fiber. The Pehlivan Elektrak weighs just 240kg.

The Pehlivan Team toured around the Balkans in Pehlivan Elektrak between 19 and 27 April. They set out from Edirne on 19 April in their lightweight yet strong car, and ended their tour in Tirana.

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