Turkey’s R&D Champion Kordsa

Turkey’s R&D Champion Kordsa

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology awarded the Best Performed R&D Center of the Year at Private Sector R&D Centers Summit and Exhibition. Kordsa received the Best Performed R&D Center of Turkey according to the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology 2014 R&D Centers Performance Index.Our R&D Center is also ranked Number 1 in textile category for a three consecutive years.

At the summit, Kordsa received two awards, first place in all R&D Centers and the first place in textile industry; became the R&D champion of Turkey.

Kordsa CEO Cenk Alper, said the following about the awards:
“We are proud to be ranked the first R&D Center at Turkey. There is an intense competition amongst all R&D centers. Our R&D efforts are coming from a 42 years’ history. Since 2007, we are systematically working under our R&D Center’s roof. Kordsa R&D Center collaborates with universities both in Turkey and abroad to maintain its technology leadership. Technology licensing is one of our main subjects since ‘open innovation’ concept is the baseline of our R&D approach. Today, our opponents are willing to construct their products by using Kordsa technology. These days, we are working on its economic model. We will export technology not only to our own partners but also to our competitors. We believe this to be an important step for Kordsa and Turkey. Our goal is to bring new and innovative products arising from our day to day R&D activities to the whole world.”

Kordsa CTO İbrahim Yıldırım, made the following remarks:
“Kordsa R&D Center’s priority is the efficiency. Ranking the first R&D Center among all R&D Centers is an indication of our consistent and stable operations. We develop processes and technologies at Kordsa R&D Center for tire reinforcement, new composite products and the construction reinforcement market. The majority of our R&D works aim to bring new technology and competencies to the industry. Our R&D center employs 78 brilliant minds which helps spread out our technology from Turkey to the world. The number of new products we offer to the market exceeded 12 since 2008. Our portfolio of international patent applications has reached to 236. This year we climbed four ranks in Turkish Patent League and have the honor of taking the sixth place in the first six months of 2015. Composite materials are the next frontier for us. We established our Composite Reinforcement Business Unit in April 2014. In December 2014 we broke ground for our Composite Technologies Center of Excellence in Technopark Istanbul with Sabancı University. We will develop and present composite products, which are used in aerospace, sports, automotive, marine and construction to the world.”


About Kordsa

A global player in the tire and construction reinforcement as well as composite technologies markets, Kordsa operates in 5 countries, namely, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and the US with its 11 production facilities and a 4,500 reinforcer. Kordsa aims to create sustainable value by offering high value-added innovative reinforcement solutions for its customers, employees, stakeholders and communities with a mission to “Reinforce Life.”


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