Village School Renovation Project

Village School Renovation Project

Reinforcing Our Habitat: Global CSR Projects  Each year, Kordsa leadership teams from all over the world get together at the Global Leadership Summit (GLS). Based on our values and aims stated above, we wanted to create a difference for children during this year’s summit by reinforcing their everyday environment.

On the 2nd day of GLS, all attendees of the summit, including our CEO, Cenk Alper travelled to Kocaeli to renovate a village school. Renovation had been planned carefully. We were to be divided into 10 groups with each group having a dedicated task as explained by team leaders: creating a sleeping room for the kindergarten children, painting the school façade, building up a library and a computer laboratory, and cleaning the playground. What had not been planned was all the fun we had. Throughout the day, children visited Kordsa employees during their breaks, and reacted in the most natural way to the changes they observed.

With music, lunchtime turned into a small festival. We were in the garden, some dancing, some playing volleyball, while our top managers, having formed an excellent production line in the kitchen, were busy serving lunch to children!

The children were happy to meet dozens of new people from around the world, and we had a chance to remember how it was like to be a child: free, independent and full of self-esteem.


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